A Teriyaki Dish for the Health Conscious

Fast food restaurants loom beckoningly on nearly every corner of our ever-busy city of Las Vegas. Though, amid their accepted domination healthy eateries exist and are with willpower, just as easy to grab a bite at. If you are interested in eating healthier and looking for places to order something nutritious to eat in Vegas that isn’t just a salad, I suggest starting with The Protein Source! With two locations, one on South Durango and another on South Grand Canyon, locals have two options for their in-restaurant dining experience. Diners also have a third option to pick up or have food delivered via GrubHub, Postmates, and Door Dash (for those who are house ridden in avoidance of the heat, or perhaps fighting the undeniable need to never stop binge watching).

The Protein Source menu offers a plethora of options including: breakfast, salads, wraps, bowls, chili, burgers, raw juices, protein shakes, cucumber shots, acai bowls, build your own meal options, and a kid’s section. For those who would like to indulge their sweet tooth without guilt, healthy handmade desserts crafted without notoriously unhealthy additives such as high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives are available, with choices from protein brownies and cookies to peanut butter protein balls. Each menu option at The Protein Source includes an individual ingredient list. Their meals incorporate a variety of healthful items such as multigrain and whole wheat bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, organic rice, and all-natural meat, meaning that from farm to table the meat (typically chicken and beef) in accordance to the USDA Food Standards has not come in contact with added preservatives, colors, flavors, or artificial ingredients/flavorings (USDA, 2015). For those who seek to eat healthy, consuming all-natural meats is one way to avoid unnecessary chemicals. In addition to main menu options, sauces and dressings used in meals and as meal additions at The Protein Source are made with healthier sugar substitutes (such as agave) which replace those processed white and brown sugars that hold no nutritional value.

In my experience this eatery provided me with a filling, delicious, healthy, and convenient meal. Wait time was minimal compared to drive through lines and pick up times were even more immediate. Seeking something to keep me full, I ordered the Bottoms Up Brown Chicken Bowl™, a healthy take on Teriyaki chicken and fried rice. In my total honesty, this dish had fast-service Chinese restaurants beat by a long shot.

Blog Post 1 Food
Nutrition Info: 760 cal, 57g protein

The chicken was moist and exceptionally flavorful with a thick teriyaki sauce coating each bite. It sat on a heavenly fluff of organic fried brown rice, which had a wonderful variation of texture created through the addition of crunchy carrots and celery. This meal was also plated with an aesthetically pleasing design that a greasy takeout bag could never match. Based on my own tasty and guilt free experience, I suggest dining at The Protein Source to all who are aiming to ditch worn-out fast food joints.


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