The Science of Bowlology

Bowl-ol-ogy (Noun): The science and art of handcrafting healthy and delicious meals served in a bowl©. Bowlology is a modern, comfortable restaurant that serves convenient, healthy meals for every time of day. Blowlology’s five Las Vegas restaurants include their Eastern, Centennial, Summerlin, Hualapai, and Maryland Parkway locations. At each location, customers are welcome to dine in and watch TV, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, or take their meal home.

There are many delicious options to order from the Bowlology menu. These menu options include acai super bowls, signature bowls (meat and rice dishes), smoothies (fruit signatures and super fruit), fresh juices, and juice cleanse packs. Bowlology uses only the finest sourced produce, meat, and other ingredients in its food, and each menu item holds many benefits to health. On top of their many menu choices, customers can choose what type of meal they would like, whether it is gluten-free, organic, vegan, non-GMO, or Kosher, Bowlology has it all.

Being familiar with the protein bowl style, I wanted to order something newer to myself on my visit to Bowlology and settled on their brand-new teriyaki chicken bowl. For each protein bowl, guests have a choice of sushi rice, brown rice, or white rice, and can add additional toppings as well to increase the protein, flavor, or nutrient content of the bowl. I chose brown rice for the base of my meal as it is the healthiest choice out of the three offered. Blog Post 8 FoodBowlology’s teriyaki chicken bowl is a healthy take on Japanese teriyaki chicken with a Hawaiian twist. The rice base is a fluffy complement to the smoky, sweet grilled chicken and juicy chunks of tart pineapple. Serving size for the bowl is large, and is enough to fill one for a few hours, yet avoid the feeling of overindulgence. To myself, this dish is a viable option for lunch, dinner, or even a large snack.

Brown rice, just one of the meal base options at Bowlology, is beneficial to overall health as it is less processed than other rice (white, sticky, etc.) which allows it to keep five times the nutrients as opposed to those processed rice products that undergo bleaching during processing. Research on the health benefits of brown rice state it aids in the control of diabetes, prevents obesity, boosts heart health, improves bone health, and prevents cancer. These health benefits are due to the nutritional quality of brown rice as it is full of dietary fiber, vitamins E, K, multiple B vitamins, minerals such as manganese, iron, and zinc, and vital fatty acids needed in the diet.

Bowlology is a great place to order a healthy, hearty meal. There are a plethora of options to order for any meal a person may crave, and each option is good for both the body and mind. Employees are friendly and will accommodate any dietary preferences a customer may have. Based on my experience here I recommend Bowlology to anyone looking for an entertaining place to grab a nutritious meal.

Everyone is welcome in Rachels Kitchen

If you have been looking for a place to dine on health-conscious, gourmet-style food, Rachels Kitchen can provide you with a meal for any time of day. Eight locations across Las Vegas make Rachels Kitchen an easy place for anyone to grab a bite. Catering is available from every location for big events such as parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

The aim of the Rachels Kitchen franchise is to provide its customers with fresh, delicious food every time they order. The Rachels Kitchen menu includes breakfast (served all day), soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pasta, juices, smoothies, and coffee drinks. A full menu is available on the Rachels Kitchen website, along with information about their goals, franchise, catering, history, and online ordering.

Serving fresh food at every location is the number one way Rachels keeps its customers happy and healthy. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meats, like the ones served at Rachels Kitchen, are conducive to good health because they keep the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes they would otherwise lose if frozen, canned, preserved, or chemically processed in any other way. Preservatives are detrimental to well-being as they introduce unnecessary chemicals to the body. In the United States, the most widespread preservatives include sulfates used in fruits and vegetables and nitrates/nitrites used in meat. Negative effects of sulfates and nitrates/nitrites according to the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications include headaches, palpitations, allergies, and cancer of varying organs. Avoiding these preservatives allows one to cultivate a healthier diet that lessens the risk of developing unwanted illnesses and increasing the consumption of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

On my outing to Rachels Kitchen, I ordered their sautéed mushroom cheeseburger. Composed of 1/3 lb. of beef burger, sautéed mushrooms, swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes this juicy burger packs a punch of flavor and texture. Complimentary sides include French fries, kettle chips, mixed green salad, sweet potato fries, and fresh fruit salad.

Blog 7 FoodThis burger is easily one of the most delicious dishes I have had in a while. The meat is fresh and juicy, and the crunchy fresh lettuce and sweet red tomatoes top the meal off and add a good contrast in flavor. The side choice of sweet potato fries is the perfect slightly sweet, crunchy counterpart to the main dish. This burger kept me full for a few hours due to its large portion size, which makes this dish a perfect option for a filling lunch or dinner.

Rachels Kitchen is a great spot to grab a fresh, health-conscious, and delicious meal. Customers can view the restaurant kitchen full of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and other cooking supplies alongside talented chefs through a window beneath the large colorful menu. In speaking with employees, I noted that they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and work together to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. After my experience at Rachels Kitchen, I suggest dining at this healthy eatery to any person looking for a fresh, delicious, and healthy meal.

Raise your Juice Standard

If you are looking for a cozy and welcoming place to grab a nutritious drink or snack, look no further than The Juice Standard! The Juice Standard is a local eatery that has four locations across the Valley. Three of these locations are in Las Vegas and the fourth is in Henderson. While there are no delivery options for The Juice Standard, dine in and takeout is available to diners at every location.

The Juice Standard serves its customers with the intent of “Making Nutritious Delicious Every Sip Of the Way” ™. Their menu offers a plethora of healthful drinks including cold-pressed juices, smoothies, espressos, hot cocoas, nut-milks, and wellness shots. Snacks are available to order such as toasts, organic salads, wraps, and even desserts. Every item crafted at The Juice Standard prioritizes the health of customers, and extensive information is available on their website regarding the health benefits of their menu choices.

One philosophy of The Juice Standard that applies to both its consumers and providers is their encouragement to Bee WHealthy™. This philosophy stems from their purpose of protecting bees, honoring farmers, supporting local, and nurturing the health of their customers. Every item at The Juice Standard is organic, so consumers can be sure the ingredients in their order are high-quality and nutritious. Organically sourced foods are better for the body because they are higher in nutrients, and lower in levels of harmful pesticides than traditionally grown foods. Pesticides are damaging to the health and are used in non-organic methods of food growing. Because we cannot see them, pesticides often go unnoticed, their effect on human health does not. Pesticides are a common cause of reproductive defects, developmental defects, cancer, kidney damage, and liver damage and are exposed to the body through consumption, skin contact, and inhalation. So, even when produce is washed, the damaging effects of pesticides do not go away.

Everything on the menu at The Juice Standard is a delicious and healthy choice, making it hard to choose just one thing. On my trip, I ordered the Protein Power shake and vegan cheesecake. Blog post 6 foodThe Protein Power Shake is a decadent, earthy combination of cashews, hemp, flax, power shake protein, Greek yogurt, dates, pumpkin seeds, agave, banana, and alkaline water. This smoothie is a creamy and filling way to replace a meal or add protein, vitamins, and minerals to the diet.  The Juice Standard’s vegan cheesecake is a small but mighty snack. Blog post 6 food 2Composed of a delicious authentic-tasting cheesecake base swirled with organic blueberry compote on a walnut-cashew and date crust, this snack is a guilt-free way to get a sugar fix and add healthy fats to the diet.

The Juice Standard provides guests with an authentic, warm environment. The staff works willingly with customers to find which menu choice is best suited for the health benefits they are looking for and is knowledgeable about nutrition. I recommend The Juice Standard to anyone looking for a place to grab a nutritious snack or drink.

Get back to your “Fruits and Roots”

The phrase ‘healthy dessert’ strikes most people as an unachievable meal goal. However, if you have a sweet tooth, Vegas local restaurant Fruits and Roots can provide you with a dessert that will benefit your health. There are two Fruits and Roots locations in Las Vegas. One location on Sunset and the other on Blue Diamond, both of which are on the Western side of town. Each location allows for dining in, takeout, and has a drive-thru for healthy eating on the go.

This eatery offers diners many nutritious menu options such as wellness bowls, wraps, super-food soups, acai bowls (marketed as healthy desserts), and nutrient dense snacks. They also have a plethora of healthy drink selections such as cold-pressed juice, nut mylks™, wellness shots, smoothies, espresso blends, kombucha, iced tea, and lemonade.

One dessert option at Fruits and Roots is their fresh-made acai bowls. With six different options to choose from, there is sure to be a bowl to suit any craving. Acai is common in the world of health food and has grown in popularity since research on its health benefits debuted. One of the most significant benefits of acai berries includes their high content levels of anthocyanins, a form of plant antioxidants that help eliminate damaging free radicals in the body. Free-radicals are unstable molecules within the body that can damage cells, causing cancer and heart disease. These form in the body after an overabundance of UV exposure, after contact with hazardous chemicals, and when there is inflammation in the body. While free-radicals can be scary in large amounts, the antioxidants found in acai berries act as stabilizers for those free radicals, reducing the chances of developing health defects.

As someone with a sweet tooth, I am often apprehensive of healthier dessert options because I fear they will not be good. After ordering an Island Bowl™ (acai bowl) from Fruits and Roots, I was blown away by its amazing quality and sweet, decadent flavor. The base of the bowl is a thick-blended creamy mix of acai juice, banana, strawberry, and coconut water, layered on a crunchy homemade vanilla almond granola. They top this acai bowl with loads of fresh seasonal fruit including strawberries, bananas, and blueberries sprinkled with a soft, sweet coconut topping. So, in addition to the health benefits one receives from acai, the consumption of other nutrient-dense fruits packs this treat full of health advantages.Blog 5 Food

The atmosphere at Fruits and Roots is welcoming, workers are kind and well read on the well-being their food can bring to consumers. Not only does this restaurant promote healthy diets through their fresh innovative dishes, but they also promote environmental health. Dishes and drinks at Fruits and Roots are served in recyclable containers and glass bottles to be left at the door for sanitization to keep trash out of landfills, and the Earth a clean and happy place. I recommend Fruits and Roots to all diners who are seeking a dessert that is both advantageous to health and satisfying to the soul.





A Trip to VeggyStreet

On a small, busy corner of South Fort Apache Road in Las Vegas sits a restaurant that welcomes everyone seeking to improve their health. VeggyStreet is a plant-based vegan eatery that encourages its diners to “stay human™” through its ethical and nutritious menu options. While many view veganism as a large diet constraint, the VeggyStreet menu disproves those perspectives. Their menu includes a variety of entrees, sides, drinks, and desserts. For those who do not want to dine-in at their in-person location, delivery options are available via Postmates, GrubHub, and the VeggyStreet website.

Every menu choice at VeggyStreet has health benefits. The most prevalent sources of these benefits include dishes incorporating fresh vegetables and vegan meat options such as tofu. Fresh vegetables are the number one way to consume adequate amounts of vitamins within one’s meal because preparation techniques that include high-heat cooking and boiling damage vitamins. Fresh vegetables are a part of almost every dish you can order at VeggyStreet whether it be a salad, a sandwich, or their Crazy Falafel™. So, diners who want to increase their intake of vitamins and cultivate a healthier diet have many options to order.

Tofu is common across every “meat”-centered dish on the VeggyStreet menu. While tofu has grown in popularity within the past few years alongside the rise of popular lifestyle choices such as veganism, the health benefits it offers are often overlooked due to apprehension towards the speculated effects of tofu on hormones in the body. Tofu, composed of soy, is advantageous to health as research links it to low cholesterol levels and low-risk levels of common cancers such as breast, lung, and prostate cancer. Despite these health benefits, a common concern of those who consume tofu is the knowledge that soy mimics the female hormone of estrogen in the body. Though, research disproving those concerns states that soy is more beneficial than harmful, noting that it has little effect on hormones and plays a larger role in reducing cancer risks.

The many delicious options available to order from the VeggyStreet menu made it hard to choose only one dish. After careful consideration, I ordered the ‘Chik’n’ Pressed Sandwich™, a flavor-packed vegan alternative to a typical chicken sandwich. Chock-full of fresh vegetables and meatless chicken held together with vegan mozzarella cheese sandwiched by a crispy pretzel bun, this dish combines a variety of flavors and textures perfectly.

Blog Post 4 Food

After tasting the vegan meat and cheese products on the ‘Chik’n’ Pressed Sandwich™ I can say these products are nearly identical in taste and texture to real meat and cheese and recommend this sandwich to anyone looking to try a bold, nutritious dish.

I can say in my experience that the service at VeggyStreet is exceptional. Workers present themselves as friendly and well-informed on vegan eating and the health benefits of their menu options. As an individual who aims to eat in a healthier fashion, I recommend VeggyStreet to any person seeking to ditch fast food and improve their dietary health.

An All-Day Breakfast for the Health Nut

All-day breakfast is often an undeniable source of happiness for everyone who loves to dine. Though, if you are seeking to better your health and still experience an all-day breakfast, SkinnyFATS can fulfill those cravings for you. Growing in popularity within the Valley, SkinnyFATS has four locations with one coming soon in Henderson. Diners can find one restaurant near the strip, another near the tourist attraction Wet N Wild, and the other two in the Summerlin vicinity. Alongside four in-person locations to dine, SkinnyFATS also delivers via Postmates and DoorDash and allows for pickup orders via their website.

The menu at SkinnyFATS may make you prone to split decisions as it presents its “happy” and “healthy” sides categorizing each dish. Though, for the sake of keeping our nutritional integrity intact, I will explain their “healthy” side. Their menu includes all-day breakfast, Shareables™ (appetizers), juices, tacos, soups, Between the Buns™ (burgers and sandwiches), and Things in Bowls—That You Eat™ (rice and meat-centered dishes), all of which offer delicious and nutritious meals to diners. Health comes into play on this side of the menu through typical additions such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain flatbreads and buns, meat substitutes, healthy takes on side dishes (such as buffalo cauliflower instead of wings), and those typical substitutes for white sugar often used in syrups and sauces such as agave, honey, and stevia (a common trend for health food restaurants). These ingredients are conducive to health as they make meals more nutrient dense, and act as substitutions for foods that may be higher in fats and cholesterol. Whole grains are helpful to the gut as their high fiber content boosts satiety and allows for better digestion which contributes to lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and varying types of cancer. Replacing fried meats for seasoned and baked cauliflower (such as the buffalo cauliflower served at SkinnyFATS) allows for one to consume higher amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, K, and E, and iron, potassium, and zinc that are often lacking in diets neglecting fruits and vegetables.

For my eating pleasure, and to satisfy my love for breakfast I ordered the Berry Strong Waffle™, a healthy take on a crispy, rich Belgian waffle. This waffle begins with a protein buttermilk batter, cooked in a waffle iron to dense perfection.

SkinnyFATS © 2018-19. Nutrition Info: 327 Cals

This delicious waffle is topped with fresh fruit and paired with two different sides, strawberry-chia jam and the perfect mix of sweet and tangy orange agave syrup. This decadent breakfast comes with a side of thick-cut turkey bacon, juicy and similar in flavor to its bacon counterpart that is just as delicious, without the grease.

Zero long-line wait times and friendly staff influence the SkinnyFATS atmosphere and create an inclusive and welcoming vibe that is often hard to find in impartial fast-food restaurants. In my dining experience, and as someone who is always up for an all-day breakfast, I recommend SkinnyFATS to anyone who seeks to better their health and satisfy their breakfast cravings.


A Childhood Favorite Redesigned

Cooler autumn days call for the return of two trends: the dreaded (or loved) pumpkin spice takeover, and the addition of comforting soups to the diet. On my quest to find health-centered restaurants in Vegas, I stumbled upon a nutritious version of my childhood favorite, tomato soup, and grilled cheese. This common chilly weather dish is available at any of the four Greens and Proteins restaurants within the Valley. Restaurant locations vary with two within the vicinity of McCarran airport, and the others towards Western side of town. Their expansive menu includes breakfast options, juices, smoothies, appetizers, soups and salads, raw dishes (vegetarian and gluten-free), pizza, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, tacos, and their newest addition of Greens and Caffeine™, a healthy take on the popular Frappuccino.

Due to the expanse of their menu, I cannot describe every ingredient that plays a role in the nutritious quality of their food. Though, through my own observations, I found that many menu options include vegan replacements for meat and cheese and other more nutritious substitutes for ingredients notorious for being processed. Health benefits of menu options such as vegan replacements can offer diners a meal with less saturated and trans fats, known for being harmful to health and increasing the risk of heart disease. Nutrient-dense side options including jicama and sweet potato fries are available to add to any dish. Replacing those typical potato fries with other root vegetables such as jicama (rich in fiber and vitamin C) or sweet potato (high in fiber, calcium and vitamin A) can allow one to increase the number of nutrients they will consume from their meal. This is favorable to diners seeking to eat more nutritiously and allows consumers to incorporate more nourishing aspects into their meals.

Most restaurant and fast food soups have loads of added sodium, intended to enhance flavor, that turns what could be a nutritious dish, into one that provides merely empty calories. Sodium is important to keep at a lesser value in one’s diet as overindulgence can cause hypertension, kidney disease, and strokes. Aiming to order something with less sodium, the menu choice I opted for was the tomato bisque with lavash grilled cheese. Flavorful and comforting, this dish reminded me of stay at home rainy days as a child.


Blog post 2 Food
Nutrition Info: 120 cals, 9.5g fat, 38g carbs, 1g protein.


The tomato essence was prominent; incorporation of basil and tomato chunks created a tasteful balance between the heavier texture of the soup and the strong tomato flavor. The side serving of lavash grilled cheese provided a crunchy and savory contrast to the meal, crisped to perfection with cheese that oozed from the edges.

Wait time at this establishment is comparable to that of fast service restaurants, with food being served to diners swiftly. Staff members acted attentively, coming across as genuinely friendly and well informed on the health benefits of their food. As a health-conscious diner who loves delicious food, I recommend Greens and Proteins to anyone looking to grab a satisfying dish that fits into a healthy diet.