An All-Day Breakfast for the Health Nut

All-day breakfast is often an undeniable source of happiness for everyone who loves to dine. Though, if you are seeking to better your health and still experience an all-day breakfast, SkinnyFATS can fulfill those cravings for you. Growing in popularity within the Valley, SkinnyFATS has four locations with one coming soon in Henderson. Diners can find one restaurant near the strip, another near the tourist attraction Wet N Wild, and the other two in the Summerlin vicinity. Alongside four in-person locations to dine, SkinnyFATS also delivers via Postmates and DoorDash and allows for pickup orders via their website.

The menu at SkinnyFATS may make you prone to split decisions as it presents its “happy” and “healthy” sides categorizing each dish. Though, for the sake of keeping our nutritional integrity intact, I will explain their “healthy” side. Their menu includes all-day breakfast, Shareables™ (appetizers), juices, tacos, soups, Between the Buns™ (burgers and sandwiches), and Things in Bowls—That You Eat™ (rice and meat-centered dishes), all of which offer delicious and nutritious meals to diners. Health comes into play on this side of the menu through typical additions such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain flatbreads and buns, meat substitutes, healthy takes on side dishes (such as buffalo cauliflower instead of wings), and those typical substitutes for white sugar often used in syrups and sauces such as agave, honey, and stevia (a common trend for health food restaurants). These ingredients are conducive to health as they make meals more nutrient dense, and act as substitutions for foods that may be higher in fats and cholesterol. Whole grains are helpful to the gut as their high fiber content boosts satiety and allows for better digestion which contributes to lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and varying types of cancer. Replacing fried meats for seasoned and baked cauliflower (such as the buffalo cauliflower served at SkinnyFATS) allows for one to consume higher amounts of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, K, and E, and iron, potassium, and zinc that are often lacking in diets neglecting fruits and vegetables.

For my eating pleasure, and to satisfy my love for breakfast I ordered the Berry Strong Waffle™, a healthy take on a crispy, rich Belgian waffle. This waffle begins with a protein buttermilk batter, cooked in a waffle iron to dense perfection.

SkinnyFATS © 2018-19. Nutrition Info: 327 Cals

This delicious waffle is topped with fresh fruit and paired with two different sides, strawberry-chia jam and the perfect mix of sweet and tangy orange agave syrup. This decadent breakfast comes with a side of thick-cut turkey bacon, juicy and similar in flavor to its bacon counterpart that is just as delicious, without the grease.

Zero long-line wait times and friendly staff influence the SkinnyFATS atmosphere and create an inclusive and welcoming vibe that is often hard to find in impartial fast-food restaurants. In my dining experience, and as someone who is always up for an all-day breakfast, I recommend SkinnyFATS to anyone who seeks to better their health and satisfy their breakfast cravings.



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