A Trip to VeggyStreet

On a small, busy corner of South Fort Apache Road in Las Vegas sits a restaurant that welcomes everyone seeking to improve their health. VeggyStreet is a plant-based vegan eatery that encourages its diners to “stay human™” through its ethical and nutritious menu options. While many view veganism as a large diet constraint, the VeggyStreet menu disproves those perspectives. Their menu includes a variety of entrees, sides, drinks, and desserts. For those who do not want to dine-in at their in-person location, delivery options are available via Postmates, GrubHub, and the VeggyStreet website.

Every menu choice at VeggyStreet has health benefits. The most prevalent sources of these benefits include dishes incorporating fresh vegetables and vegan meat options such as tofu. Fresh vegetables are the number one way to consume adequate amounts of vitamins within one’s meal because preparation techniques that include high-heat cooking and boiling damage vitamins. Fresh vegetables are a part of almost every dish you can order at VeggyStreet whether it be a salad, a sandwich, or their Crazy Falafel™. So, diners who want to increase their intake of vitamins and cultivate a healthier diet have many options to order.

Tofu is common across every “meat”-centered dish on the VeggyStreet menu. While tofu has grown in popularity within the past few years alongside the rise of popular lifestyle choices such as veganism, the health benefits it offers are often overlooked due to apprehension towards the speculated effects of tofu on hormones in the body. Tofu, composed of soy, is advantageous to health as research links it to low cholesterol levels and low-risk levels of common cancers such as breast, lung, and prostate cancer. Despite these health benefits, a common concern of those who consume tofu is the knowledge that soy mimics the female hormone of estrogen in the body. Though, research disproving those concerns states that soy is more beneficial than harmful, noting that it has little effect on hormones and plays a larger role in reducing cancer risks.

The many delicious options available to order from the VeggyStreet menu made it hard to choose only one dish. After careful consideration, I ordered the ‘Chik’n’ Pressed Sandwich™, a flavor-packed vegan alternative to a typical chicken sandwich. Chock-full of fresh vegetables and meatless chicken held together with vegan mozzarella cheese sandwiched by a crispy pretzel bun, this dish combines a variety of flavors and textures perfectly.

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After tasting the vegan meat and cheese products on the ‘Chik’n’ Pressed Sandwich™ I can say these products are nearly identical in taste and texture to real meat and cheese and recommend this sandwich to anyone looking to try a bold, nutritious dish.

I can say in my experience that the service at VeggyStreet is exceptional. Workers present themselves as friendly and well-informed on vegan eating and the health benefits of their menu options. As an individual who aims to eat in a healthier fashion, I recommend VeggyStreet to any person seeking to ditch fast food and improve their dietary health.


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