Raise your Juice Standard

If you are looking for a cozy and welcoming place to grab a nutritious drink or snack, look no further than The Juice Standard! The Juice Standard is a local eatery that has four locations across the Valley. Three of these locations are in Las Vegas and the fourth is in Henderson. While there are no delivery options for The Juice Standard, dine in and takeout is available to diners at every location.

The Juice Standard serves its customers with the intent of “Making Nutritious Delicious Every Sip Of the Way” ™. Their menu offers a plethora of healthful drinks including cold-pressed juices, smoothies, espressos, hot cocoas, nut-milks, and wellness shots. Snacks are available to order such as toasts, organic salads, wraps, and even desserts. Every item crafted at The Juice Standard prioritizes the health of customers, and extensive information is available on their website regarding the health benefits of their menu choices.

One philosophy of The Juice Standard that applies to both its consumers and providers is their encouragement to Bee WHealthy™. This philosophy stems from their purpose of protecting bees, honoring farmers, supporting local, and nurturing the health of their customers. Every item at The Juice Standard is organic, so consumers can be sure the ingredients in their order are high-quality and nutritious. Organically sourced foods are better for the body because they are higher in nutrients, and lower in levels of harmful pesticides than traditionally grown foods. Pesticides are damaging to the health and are used in non-organic methods of food growing. Because we cannot see them, pesticides often go unnoticed, their effect on human health does not. Pesticides are a common cause of reproductive defects, developmental defects, cancer, kidney damage, and liver damage and are exposed to the body through consumption, skin contact, and inhalation. So, even when produce is washed, the damaging effects of pesticides do not go away.

Everything on the menu at The Juice Standard is a delicious and healthy choice, making it hard to choose just one thing. On my trip, I ordered the Protein Power shake and vegan cheesecake. Blog post 6 foodThe Protein Power Shake is a decadent, earthy combination of cashews, hemp, flax, power shake protein, Greek yogurt, dates, pumpkin seeds, agave, banana, and alkaline water. This smoothie is a creamy and filling way to replace a meal or add protein, vitamins, and minerals to the diet.  The Juice Standard’s vegan cheesecake is a small but mighty snack. Blog post 6 food 2Composed of a delicious authentic-tasting cheesecake base swirled with organic blueberry compote on a walnut-cashew and date crust, this snack is a guilt-free way to get a sugar fix and add healthy fats to the diet.

The Juice Standard provides guests with an authentic, warm environment. The staff works willingly with customers to find which menu choice is best suited for the health benefits they are looking for and is knowledgeable about nutrition. I recommend The Juice Standard to anyone looking for a place to grab a nutritious snack or drink.


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