The Science of Bowlology

Bowl-ol-ogy (Noun): The science and art of handcrafting healthy and delicious meals served in a bowl©. Bowlology is a modern, comfortable restaurant that serves convenient, healthy meals for every time of day. Blowlology’s five Las Vegas restaurants include their Eastern, Centennial, Summerlin, Hualapai, and Maryland Parkway locations. At each location, customers are welcome to dine in and watch TV, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi, or take their meal home.

There are many delicious options to order from the Bowlology menu. These menu options include acai super bowls, signature bowls (meat and rice dishes), smoothies (fruit signatures and super fruit), fresh juices, and juice cleanse packs. Bowlology uses only the finest sourced produce, meat, and other ingredients in its food, and each menu item holds many benefits to health. On top of their many menu choices, customers can choose what type of meal they would like, whether it is gluten-free, organic, vegan, non-GMO, or Kosher, Bowlology has it all.

Being familiar with the protein bowl style, I wanted to order something newer to myself on my visit to Bowlology and settled on their brand-new teriyaki chicken bowl. For each protein bowl, guests have a choice of sushi rice, brown rice, or white rice, and can add additional toppings as well to increase the protein, flavor, or nutrient content of the bowl. I chose brown rice for the base of my meal as it is the healthiest choice out of the three offered. Blog Post 8 FoodBowlology’s teriyaki chicken bowl is a healthy take on Japanese teriyaki chicken with a Hawaiian twist. The rice base is a fluffy complement to the smoky, sweet grilled chicken and juicy chunks of tart pineapple. Serving size for the bowl is large, and is enough to fill one for a few hours, yet avoid the feeling of overindulgence. To myself, this dish is a viable option for lunch, dinner, or even a large snack.

Brown rice, just one of the meal base options at Bowlology, is beneficial to overall health as it is less processed than other rice (white, sticky, etc.) which allows it to keep five times the nutrients as opposed to those processed rice products that undergo bleaching during processing. Research on the health benefits of brown rice state it aids in the control of diabetes, prevents obesity, boosts heart health, improves bone health, and prevents cancer. These health benefits are due to the nutritional quality of brown rice as it is full of dietary fiber, vitamins E, K, multiple B vitamins, minerals such as manganese, iron, and zinc, and vital fatty acids needed in the diet.

Bowlology is a great place to order a healthy, hearty meal. There are a plethora of options to order for any meal a person may crave, and each option is good for both the body and mind. Employees are friendly and will accommodate any dietary preferences a customer may have. Based on my experience here I recommend Bowlology to anyone looking for an entertaining place to grab a nutritious meal.


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